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Raelene Boyle

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 2001)

Raelene Boyle was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 2001 in recognition of her regional and international achievements.

Raelene Boyle is one of Australia’s greatest track and field athletes.
In 1968, she won silver at the Mexico City Olympics in the 200 metres, at age 16.
She represented Australia again in the Munich and Montreal Olympics, and decided not to participate in the controversial 1980 Olympics in Moscow.
In Commonwealth Games competitions she also produced inspiring performance and won nine gold or silver medals in four Games.
Throughout the 1980s and since, Raelene has become increasingly involved in the community.
On the Sunshine Coast she has been active in a range of organisations, including her tireless work to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.
She has been described by one local sports identity as ‘a national treasure’, and few people who know her or who know of her selfless work would argue with that judgement.