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The Honourable Dr David Kemp

Honorary Doctorate (April 2006)

The Honourable Dr David Kemp was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in April 2006 in recognition of his huge contribution to the success of this University.

The Honourable Dr David Kemp has had a distinguished academic and political career. He was a senior lecturer at Melbourne University and was Professor of Politics at Monash University. In 1997 he became Minister for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs. He retired from politics at the 2004 election. His period as Minister, with a portfolio covering higher education, corresponded with a period when we were pursuing a title which reflected our university responsibilities stated in our establishment act. After less than two years operating as a University College, Dr Kemp decided to change the University's title which had caused so much confusion for staff, students and the community. In taking this action, against some advice to the contrary, he not only demonstrated his strength as a Minister to follow his own conviction, but also, in so doing, contributed more than any other single politician to the success of this University. If Dr Kemp had not made that powerful intervention, USC would have been making an application to be reviewed to become a university.