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Wyn Rahilly

Honorary Senior Fellow (April 1999)

Wyn Rahilly was named an Honorary Senior Fellow in April 1999 in recognition of her outstanding leadership of the University of the Third Age and developing a strong link with USC.

Following her husband's death in 1987, Winifred Rahilly moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1989 and immediately joined the University of the Third Age, an organisation for people over 55 years of age interested in lifelong learning. In 1994, she was one of the first people on the Sunshine Coast who sought an alliance with the University. It was largely due to her work, and the manner in which she conducted the negotiations with the University that has led to what has become a highly valued and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organisations. Winifred persisted with her vision of an alliance despite criticism from some quarters within U3A. Successive Agreements have since been signed which link our organisations, both of us committed to lifelong learning.