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SafeZone app

SafeZone is a free smartphone app that connects staff and students with our SafeUniSC Security and emergency services on all our campuses, facilities and other selected locations around the world.

You can also contact Emergency Services using the SafeZone app even when not within one of our UniSC SafeZones.

You will need internet access on your mobile device to run SafeZone.

In an emergency

Quickly share your location and details with the local response team so that they can get the right assistance to you and then call Emergency Services from within the app.

Find out more on how the SafeZone app works, or watch the video above.

First aid

Get first aid assistance promptly without having to find the nearest first aid officer, they can come to you, knowing as they arrive any medical conditions you have shared with them through the app.

Contact SafeUniSC Security

Quickly contact the Security team, from any of our facilities without having to remember their phone number to get assistance, an escort, access, support or to report an incident.

Wellbeing assistance

Access UniSC’s wellbeing support and assistance information 24/7 tailored to you, your location and time of day without having to search the internet.

Make a report

Report a non-urgent incident, suspicious activity or concerning behaviour or a health and safety hazard, anonymously if you like, and share images / video and the exact location of the incident with SafeUniSC Security.

Emergency notifications

Get notified quickly if there is an emergency on campus that might affect you, how to stay safe during the emergency and where to get further information.

Downloading and registering

You can download the SafeZone app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Install the app and complete the sign-up procedure to complete your registration.

All staff, students and affiliates are pre-registered for the SafeZone app with UniSC. So regardless of whether you download the app or not, UniSC can send you emergency notifications directly to your mobile phone number and email. If you complete your registration through the app you will also receive in-app notifications. You will need to download the app and complete your registration to use all the app’s features and receive in-app emergency notifications. (To opt-out, refer to information below.)

Your phone settings

SafeZone will ask you to change some of your phone settings while you install it. Locations services must be allowed to effectively use the SafeZone app. SafeZone’s use of location services has been designed to minimise battery use. Note that SafeZone does not share your location with the response team until you raise an alert or check-in.

Your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an alert (press the emergency, first aid or help buttons) use the check-in or check-in timer features or submit a tip-report that includes their location. All information that users provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Federal and State Privacy Laws. Read about SafeZone’s privacy provisions or check out their protecting your privacy video.

Opt-Out of pre-registration

Staff, students or affiliates who wish to opt out of our pre-registration service will need to submit a UniSC Connect SafeZone form.

If you opt-out: