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Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply to the Prize:

  1. Eligibility: The following persons are ineligible to enter the Prize:

For UniSC students

    • any person not currently enrolled as a student at UniSC; and
    • staff members of UniSC (unless also currently enrolled as a student).

For School students:

    • any person who is not currently of school age; and
    • any person who is not currently enrolled in primary and high school or is home schooled.
  1. Deemed acceptance: Entry into the prize is deemed acceptance of these T&C (as may be amended from time to time).
  2. Your Images: By submitting an entry you agree to grant UniSC ('the University'), the right to use, publish and broadcast your entry, in whole or in part for any purpose including the Prize. This may include use in promotional formats broadcast to the public such as through a digital feed via the University of the Sunshine Coast website and social media channels (appropriate image credits will be included), and in subsequent competition promotions (with attribution), or printed for physical events by UniSC. You will not be entitled to any fee for such use.
    • The recipient will be asked to sign a release form. Any hard copy original works will be returned to the student.
    • If selected as one of the Prize winners, you may be required to be interviewed by UniSC's Media Services. Your interview may include (but not be limited to) explaining when and where you took the photo, what type of camera you used, and why you chose to photograph that wildlife.
  3. Your personal information: You consent to the disclosure of your personal information [including the Image(s)] to the University for the purpose of either Competition, including associated promotional purposes. The University may use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. You may access and correct any personal information held by the University, upon request to the University.
  4. Original entry:
    • For UniSC Students: Each entry must be an original work by you, taken on the grounds of any UniSC campus (location will be required as part of submission).
    • For School Students: Each entry must be an original work by you, taken in your local area (ie please don’t travel further than 5km to create this work)
  5. Permissions: You must have obtained permission from all persons appearing in image/s (if applicable) to both produce and enter this Competition using them as a subject within your image/s. You warrant that your entry is not, and its use by the University will not, infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.
  6. Binding decision: A decision of the University in relation to the conduct of this Prize, including the selection of winning entries, is binding and conclusive and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. Prizes non-transferable: The non-cash prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. The prizes, or any element of the prizes, cannot be exchanged for any other prize/s. The contents of the prizes will be at the University’s sole discretion.
  8. No expenses: Any expense, including taxes, spare parts, maintenance, or delivery costs, associated with accepting, taking, or using a prize, will be the prize winner’s sole responsibility.
  9. No warranties: The University makes no warranties or representations about the fitness for purpose or suitability of any prize and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness for any purpose of any prize, or the failure of any prize to be of merchantable quality. If liability under terms implied by legislation cannot be excluded by the University, the liability of the University is limited to re-supplying the tickets or awarding a prize of equivalent value.
  10. No responsibility: No responsibility will be taken by the University for any change in dates, times or cancellations or other arrangements that may prevent a winner from accepting, taking, or using a prize. The University accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incorrectly submitted, or misdirected entries, for any technological malfunction or failure, Internet traffic congestion, or for outdated or incorrect contact details by which you cannot be contacted during business hours on relevant dates.
  11. Disqualifications: The University may, in its absolute discretion, disqualify:
    • any entry which is not original, does not comply with the entry requirements, or is not completed in accordance with these Terms, infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, contains any objectionable or poor quality content, or has the potential to damage the reputation of any person;
    • any individual who tampers with the entry process, submits an entry that is not in accordance with the terms, or who has in the opinion of the University, engaged in unlawful or improper conduct that is designed to, or is likely to, adversely affect the fair and proper conduct of the competition or is generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the University;  
    • any individual or individual's entry that displays misconduct or the mistreatment of wildlife in any way during any stage of this Competition;
    • any entry of a deceased wildlife;
    • any entry where Photoshop or any other image editing software has been used to significantly alter the original image; or 
    • any entry that was not taken on the grounds of a UniSC campus (for UniSC student entrants).
  12. Varying the competition: The University reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, at any time before the awarding of the prizes to cancel or vary a competition, or cancel, vary or withdraw its prizes. If the University cancels or varies a competition, or cancels, varies or withdraws its prizes, is not:
    • liable to any person for any costs, loss, or damage whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with, such cancellation, variation or withdrawal; or
    • required to conduct the competition at any other time.
  13. No liability: You enter the competition at your own risk. With the exception of liability which cannot be excluded by law, the University is not liable for, and you release the University from, liabilities relating to any direct or indirect loss or damage which is suffered, or for personal injury or sickness suffered or sustained, as a result of entering the competition, failing to win, winning, accepting or using a prize.