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Smoking - Operational Policy

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Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible Executive member
Chief Operating Officer
Designated officer
Director, People and Culture
First approved
13 September 1996
Last amended
29 May 2023
Review date
29 May 2028
Related documents
Related legislation / standards
  • Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Qld)

1. Purpose of policy

1.1 This policy aims to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking by preventing smoking and the use of tobacco products on USC campuses. Accordingly, and in keeping with the University’s commitment to sustainability and creating a healthy campus for all, USC will be smoke-free as of 1 January 2018.

1.2 The University has a duty to provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for employees and students, as well as a safe environment for wildlife on campus.

2. Policy scope and application

This policy applies to all staff, students, contractors, visitors and volunteers who are required to attend the University’s premises.

3. Definitions

Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to this policy and are critical to its effectiveness:

Smoking includes the use of cigarettes and other tobacco-related products (herbal cigarette, loose smoking blend, cigarette papers, cigarette making machines, cigarette filters, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes) or other devices used for similar purpose.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes, e-cigars, vapour pens or a personal vaporiser) are any device used for the inhalation of a substance as defined by the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Qld).

University premises means any land or buildings owned, leased, licensed or otherwise occupied by the University for teaching, research, administrative purposes or as accommodation facilities, or otherwise used or occupied by University staff, contractors, affiliates or students.

Vehicle has the meaning given by the Transport Operation (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (Qld) and includes any vessel.

4. Smoking

4.1 Smoking is prohibited:

a) on or in University premises, and

b) within any University vehicle.

4.2 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Health, safety and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility; therefore, all staff, students, contractors, visitors and volunteers are responsible to ensure they are compliant with this policy.

4.3 Compliance Failure to comply with this policy will be dealt with in accordance with the Student Conduct– Governing Policy or Staff Code of Conduct– Governing Policy or the provisions of the USC Enterprise Agreement, as appropriate.