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Sustainability - Procedures

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Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible Executive member
Vice-Chancellor and President
Designated officer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
First approved
16 March 2016
Last amended
1 August 2019
Review date
28 June 2021
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Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures.

Sustainability means the enhancement of communities into the indefinite future without impinging on the value of natural systems. It is achieved through promoting equity within and between generations, conservation of biodiversity and natural systems and the wise use of resources. Sustainability enhances the interdependency and resilience of economic, environmental and social systems.

1. Purpose of procedures

The procedures outline how the University will:

  • support the creation of a sustainable future
  • make sustainability an organisational priority, and
  • embed sustainability considerations in decision-making at all levels of the University

It outlines the responsibilities of staff, students and contractors at the University in relation to sustainability.

2. Culture and governance

2.1 Members of the University Executive will actively champion the embedding of sustainability into the University’s strategic and operational planning processes, by ensuring that all Cost Centre Managers nominate and report on sustainability actions and performance in their Annual Operational Plan.

2.2 Information relating to nominated sustainability actions and performance will be extracted from the Corporate Performance Monitoring (CPM) system and provided to the Sustainability Management Committee for information.

2.3 USC will encourage members of the University Community (including students, industry partners, and other stakeholders) to participate in initiatives and actions that will advance sustainability within and beyond the University.

3. Teaching and research

3.1 Teaching of sustainability will be encouraged in undergraduate programs through application of the sustainability-focussed graduate quality and in line with sustainability values and priorities identified in USC’s Strategic Plan.

3.2 Research staff and higher degree by research students will be encouraged to incorporate consideration of relevant sustainability issues as integral to research design, implementation and dissemination.

4. Corporate practices

4.1 The Director, Asset Management Services and General Manager, Strategic Infrastructure Developments, Capital and Commercial will lead the reduction of the environmental impact of the University’s activities through ensuring that sustainability is central to the development and implementation of the Campus Master Plan, the USC Carbon Management Plan and other resource-related planning.

4.2 The Chief Financial Officer will ensure that the Financial Management Practices Manual (FMPM) addresses assessment of whole-of-life value for money on all contracts for goods and services providers, including materials, food and equipment purchases.

4.3 All Cost Centre Managers will promote an awareness of resource use (including energy, water and other natural and manufactured resources) in their relevant areas of activity, and implement actions to reduce resource use where possible. All staff are encouraged to adopt a process of rethink/avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover in purchasing decisions wherever possible.

4.4 All Cost Centre Managers will support diversity across staff and student profiles and work to support the health and well-being of USC staff and students.

4.5 Director, Human Resources will lead the development of relevant training courses in sustainability and staff participation in relevant sustainability initiatives and actions will be encouraged and rewarded.

5. Community engagement

5.1 External partnerships will be developed and maintained where appropriate to promote sustainability within the local region and beyond.

5.2 Communication of sustainability-related activities and progress towards sustainability at the University will be undertaken via the University’s website, email, newsletters, posters and other media.