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Academic Board Composition and Terms of Reference


  • Chairperson (appointed by Council)
  • The Vice-Chancellor and President will nominate a member from amongst the academic community on the Academic Board as Deputy Chairperson of the Board for a two-year term

Members ex officio (full rights)

  • Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) and Chairperson of the Research Committee
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) and Chairperson of the Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Dean, Graduate Research and Chairperson of the Research Degrees Committee
  • Dean, Academic and Chairperson of the Program and Course Committee
  • Chairperson of the Student Academic Appeals Committee
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global and Engagement)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy)
  • Heads or Deans of School/Enrolling Unit

Appointed members (full rights)

  • Up to three persons who are not employees of the University, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President
  • One undergraduate coursework student, one postgraduate student, one international student and one Indigenous identifying student of the University who are not members of staff of the University with a staff appointment of 0.5 FTE or more, appointed by the Chairperson of Academic Board following a request for expressions of interest in serving on the Board. Student appointments will include representation from at least two UniSC locations.
  • Up to three additional members co-opted by the Chairperson for a specified term

Elected members (full rights)1
Staff appointed in this category must hold a staff appointment of 0.5 FTE or more for the duration of their term as a member of Academic Board.

  • Two academic staff members from the central region elected by the staff (Sunshine Coast and Thompson Institute)
  • Two academic staff members from the northern region, elected by the staff (Gympie and Fraser Coast)
  • Two academic staff members from the southern region elected by the staff (Moreton Bay and Caboolture)

Invited to attend as appropriate (having participatory, but not voting, rights)

  • Any visitors with the approval of the Chairperson

In attendance (having participatory, but not voting, rights)

  • Any person approved by the Chairperson, including Directors and Heads of Organisational Units
  • Secretary

Observers (no rights)

  • Any person with the approval of the Chairperson

Terms of Reference

  1. To define and monitor USC academic standards to assure the quality of teaching, research and research training.
  2. To monitor academic integrity and develop responses to potential risks.
  3. To foster informed and open discussion on university wide academic issues particularly those related to the Higher Education Standards.
  4. To consider, approve and amend academic policy.
  5. To foster excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, scholarship and research through critical evaluation of proposals for quality and effectiveness.
  6. To advise Council and make recommendations where appropriate on the academic strategic directions, and practices of the University and of any identified significant academic risks.
  7. To critically evaluate and accredit new programs and approve significant program amendments
  8. To provide effective oversight of the activities of its standing committees.
  9. To review and confirm implementation of academic delegations.
  10. To confer academic awards of the University, other than Honorary awards.

Tenure and Frequency of Meetings

There will be at least five meetings of the Academic Board each year.

Elected academic staff members will serve for period of two years.

Members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President, other than student members, will serve for a of period of two years.

Student members will serve for a period of one year, with a maximum of two consecutive terms of office.

1 The Chairperson of Academic Board has discretion to ensure that members appointed in this category are drawn from a cross-section of Schools so that there is the required breadth of knowledge of academic governance and matters relevant to the business of Academic Board as outlined in the Terms of Reference.


Last Revised: Approved by Council on 28 August 2023.