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Academic Board Membership 2024



Chairperson - Professor Stuart Parsons

Deputy Chairperson - Associate Professor Gail Crimmins


Members ex officio (full rights)

Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor Helen Bartlett

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) -  Professor Michael Wilmore

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) and Chairperson of the Research Committee - Professor Ross Young

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching Futures) and Chairperson of the Learning and Teaching Committee - Professor Denise Wood

Dean, Graduate Research and Chairperson of the Research Degrees Committee - Professor Stephan Riek

Dean, Academic and Chairperson of the Program and Course Committee - Professor Steve Wilcox

Chairperson of the Student Academic Appeals Committee - Dr Harry Dugmore

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global and Engagement) - Ms Alex Elibank Murray

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy) - Professor Joe Fraser

Dean, School of Business and Creative Industries - Professor Lorelle Frazer

Foundation Dean, School of Health - Professor Tony Perkins

Dean, School of Education and Tertiary Access - Associate Professor Debbie Heck

Dean, School of Law and Society - Professor Jay Sanderson

Dean, School of Science, Technology and Engineering - Professor Stuart Parsons


Appointed members (full rights)

One undergraduate coursework student - Ms Michelle Dörendahl

One postgraduate student - Ms Kelli Guldbransen

One international student - Ms On Ki Yeung

One Indigenous identifying student - Mr Nelson Alexander

Up to three persons who are not employees of the University, appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President - Vacant

Co-opted - Associate Professor Gail Crimmins


Elected members (full rights)

Academic staff member (central) - Dr Dominique Moritz

Academic staff member (central) - Dr Shahab Pourfakhimi

Academic staff member (northern) - Associate Professor Kathy Townsend

Academic staff member (northern) - Vacant

Academic staff member (southern) - Associate Professor Kate Mulgrew

Academic staff member (southern) - Dr Gregor Mews


In attendance (having participatory, but not voting, rights)

Board Secretary - Ms Janet O'Hara