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Student Academic Appeals Committee


The Student Academic Appeals Committee (the Committee) reports to the Academic Board on an annual basis, detailing the de-identified outcomes of student academic appeals. The Committee, on a periodic basis, will bring to the attention of the Academic Board any academic risks arising from the administration of relevant University policies and procedures.


Members (full rights)
The following members of the Committee will be appointed by the Chairperson of Academic Board:

  • A senior academic staff member appointed as Chairperson for a term of two years
  • A senior academic staff member appointed as Deputy Chairperson for a term of two and a half years
  • One undergraduate student and one postgraduate student, initially appointed for a term of one year, with further terms permitted by approval of the Chairperson, Academic Board
  • Two senior academic staff members (selected from a panel) appointed for a term of one year

Ex-officio member

  • Academic Registrar and Director, Student Services (or nominee)

Academic members (panel)

The Committee will have at least four but no more than seven senior academic staff members on the panel for the Student Academic Appeals Committee, of which two members will be selected for each appeal. Selection will be by the Chairperson of the Committee and will depend on availability and any conflicts of interest the academic members may have. All academic members will be appointed for a term of one year, however, may be renewed for a further term by the Chairperson of Academic Board.

Reserve student members

The Committee shall have a reserve undergraduate and a reserve postgraduate student.

Eligibility, appointment and tenure will be consistent with the substantive membership.

Invited to attend as appropriate (having participatory, but not voting, rights)

  • Secretary, Student Academic Appeals Committee
  • Any visitors with the approval of the Chairperson

Observers (no rights)

Any person with the approval of the Chairperson, including (where requested by the student) a support person for the student who is not a solicitor.

Terms of Reference

1. As set out in the Student Grievance Resolution - Governing Policy and the Student Review and Appeals - Procedures, to consider the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal and as applicable, investigate and determine an outcome on student appeals relating to academic matters, including, but not limited to the following matters:

  • Unsatisfactory academic progress for coursework students
  • Unsatisfactory progression of higher degree by research (HDR) candidature
  • Review of final grades
  • Granting of credit transfer
  • Award of Honours
  • Late withdrawal without academic penalty
  • Student academic misconduct
  • Breaches of responsible research conduct by HDR students

The Committee may make a determination to:
a. uphold the previous decision,
b. uphold the previous decision but amend one or more of the outcomes, or
c. set aside the previous decision and substitute a different decision.

The Committee does not make a judgement regarding the academic merit of any work, the equivalency of any academic content or the grade assigned, based on reassessment of content.

The Committee will invite students appealing student academic misconduct or breaches of responsible research conduct to attend the hearing.

2. To advise the Academic Board on any apparent problems arising from the administration of relevant and any University policies and procedures that may be the result of observations made during consideration of an appeal.

Frequency of meetings

The assembly of a Student Academic Appeals Committee will be as required, to make timely decisions on student appeals. Section 5 of the Student Review and Appeals - Procedures includes specific circumstances and outlines required actions.

Typically, there may be a number of meetings scheduled in late January – March, and in July – August, to address appeals relating to students facing exclusion for unsatisfactory academic progress and appeals regarding reviews of final grades.


The quorum for a meeting of the Student Academic Appeals Committee shall be four members including a Chairperson and at least one student. As far as reasonably practicable, the postgraduate student member should be present when the Committee is considering an appeal from a postgraduate student.

The Chairperson will have a deliberative vote as well as a casting vote.

Approved: Chairperson, Academic Board, 13 August 2020