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Before proceeding please:

  1. Ensure your start time is at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your video/audio conference call to allow time to connect to the conference call and resolve issues that may be experienced at either end of the call.
  2. Check the Space and Asset Management System - - to ensure the room is available at the preferred time and date.
  3. Go to MyUSC, search for “Video Conferencing Rooms” and read the information and instructions for setting up and conducting a successful video or audio conference.
  4. Consider booking the room on an earlier day to run a test call with the other party/parties. A test call allows you to identify any compatibility issues between conferencing systems and ensures you know how to operate the equipment correctly.

If yes:

  1. A minimum of three (3) business days’ notice is required.
  2. A representative of IT Services will contact you once RoomBookings have confirmed your booking request.
  3. IT Services support for video conferencing room bookings is available during standard business hours.

Form submission may take a few seconds. As confirmation of receipt, a copy of your request will be forwarded to your email address within the next few minutes. Please contact if you have any questions.