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Insights and Analytics Unit

Data and information are among the University’s most valuable strategic assets.

The Insights and Analytics Unit (IAU), is responsible for the core tasks of data and information management and institution-level analytics. This includes strategy support, data and information governance, information and records management, university wide analytics, planning and forecasting, performance reporting, privacy and right to information, surveys, student journey reporting, business intelligence, data lake and data warehousing services and support.

To provide leadership, guidance and support for the University to achieve its strategic goals and objectives, the IAU undertakes the following activities:

  1. Derives insights from data to inform business strategy and value
  2. Development and implementation of enterprise level capabilities to responsibly leverage data and information assets
  3. The efficient, effective and ethical use of data and information through the design and implementation of privacy, information and records management frameworks, strategies and practices
  4. Development and implementation of enterprise data analytics roadmaps, architecture and service support models to facilitate enterprise data integration, storage, transformation, production and visualisation
  5. Developing and presenting insights and reports articulating performance in relation to students, staff, research, programs and courses, finance and campus operations
  6. Underpinning evidence-based decision making through strategic and operational performance analysis, quantitative planning and forecasting models, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, in line with State and Commonwealth planning and reporting frameworks
  7. Commonwealth Grant liaison and contract management, including submission of Commonwealth data requirements and associated funding mechanisms
  8. Implementation of student surveys and, course and teaching evaluations
  9. Supports openness and transparency of University functions through right to information and information privacy requests and government data reporting