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Inflammation and Healing Research Cluster

The Inflammation and Healing Biomedical Research Cluster is dynamic research group that supports biomedical research at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Our multidisciplinary research encompass projects designed to unravel the basic mechanisms of disease processes, molecular epidemiology, the discovery and development of new therapeutics, and health promotion and communications.

INFLAME members work closely with other research concentrations within USC, health professionals on the Sunshine Coast, as well as National and International collaborators to address issues of local, national and international significance.

The Inflammation and Healing Research Cluster is led by Dr David McMillan.

Honours and post-graduate research opportunities are available in the following key research areas:
Brad Stefanovic conducting vascular assessment
VasoActive - Cardiovascular research

VasoActive Cardiovascular research focuses on the mechanisms of vascular function, and the development of natural therapies and exercise interventions.

Infectious disease and immunology

Infectious disease and immunology research focuses on improved understanding of inflammatory and immune responses and how they contribute to the progression of several common diseases including allergy and infectious skin diseases.

Health Promotion graduate Linda Baker
Translational research and population health

Translational research and population health aims to enhance the adoption of best practices in health services in both clinical and community settings, with a particular focus on health improvements at population level.