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Eating behaviours and dietary intake

Characteristics of the food environment and determinants of food quality, eating behaviours and dietary intake in individuals and populations

Our research is focused on nutrient profiling and food labelling, best practice in dietary assessment, influences on food choice and eating behaviours, and food supply sustainability (or sustainability of the food supply).

Key projects include:

Nutrient profiling and food labelling –Professor Fiona Pelly and Dr Libby Swanepoel

We have a number of studies that are currently underway on this topic, including validation of nutrient profiling systems, the validity of the Health Star Rating, consumer opinion of the Health Star Rating, dietitians perception of the healthiness of food, labelling and marketing of foods targeted at children, and use of POC labelling for large scale catering.

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Food provision for major competitionLead researcher Professor Fiona Pelly

This project has spanned over the past 20 years and encompasses a broad range of areas that have investigated food provision for Olympic and Commonwealth athletes. Specific focus areas include dietary regimens of athletes, food for sports performance, evaluation of the food environment, determinants of food choice, nutrition servicing by sports dietitians, sustainability, nutrition labelling and integration of nutrition expertise in foodservice. To read more on this research area including references, please refer to Food provision and nutrition support at major competition