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The school has strong multi-disclipinary teams delivering research insights with global impact, and local and regional relevance. We offer research opportunities in key research areas across discplines of Science, Technology and Engineering.

Stores using facial recognition. What does it mean for you?

Major Australian retailers are using facial recognition to identify consumers. UniSC researcher Dennis Desmond explores the privacy implications.

Seaweed scientist funded to find high-value aquaculture solution

UniSC researcher Dr Valentin Thépot was awarded $22,000 through the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to continue research that has potential to improve the $300 billion global aquaculture industry.

road construction
Research paves way for more sustainable roads

New research could enable wider use of plastic recycling technology to reduce carbon emissions in road construction across the globe.

Avoiding a sea of regret
Exactly what is the state of our oceans? And is it too late to turn back the tide? Our global leaders in marine ecology consider the crisis - and share a dose of 'ocean optimism' in research that is helping to make a difference.
Meet the Seaweed Research Group

UniSC's Seaweed Research Group is improving environmental, economic and social outcomes through the production of world-class seaweed research and development.

Research students

Advance knowledge and develop your skills as a STEM researcher working alongside our university's leading minds.

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Dive into the latest science that's changing the future
12 Aug 2022

National Science Week takes place from 13-21 August and at UniSC the focus is on science with impact – from a regional to a global scale.

World solutions could be found in Aussie bog
9 Nov 2022

Solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems could lie in the boggy backblocks of Australia’s East Coast, according to University of the Sunshine Coast researchers.

Campaign to help turtle rescue, rehabilitation and research
8 Sep 2022

A UniSC-led proposal to establish a turtle rescue, rehabilitation and research centre in the Wide Bay region is gaining momentum, as fears grow that hundreds of turtles are in danger of starving to death in coming months.