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The DDC dogs

Lovable rascals

Our detection dogs are lovable rascals whose energy and obsessiveness make them terrible pets! But it's that same energy that makes them dedicated and passionate conservation workers.

We team up with animal refuge shelters to save dogs whose lives are at risk – usually troubled animals who are having a hard time finding a forever home.

By giving these special animals a purpose, we save their lives – and they repay the favour a hundredfold by saving other precious Australian natives.

In their downtime, they live like normal pets – they hang out at home with their handlers, come and rest in the office, go to the beach, play with other dogs and just generally live their best lives. The difference is, when these guys are working, they have an important job to do – one they love and that makes a big difference when it comes to animal welfare and habitat protection.

Our dogs are passionate and enthusiastic workers, and we all have a part to play in the conservation. If you are able to support our work by donating, it will mean we can spend more time in the field with the DDC dogs like Bear, Baxter, Maya and Billie protecting Australia’s unique wildlife.

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USC Detection Dogs - Baxter, Bear, Billie-Jean and Maya