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Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) Committee

Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) Committee

Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) Committee advises on activities funded by the Indigenous Student Success Program (ISSP) grants. This includes the effectiveness of programs, impact, and alignment to University Strategies and legislative requirements. The committee will report to the Vice-Chancellor and President.

The ISSP Charter
Terms of Reference

The committee will:

  1. Advise on, review, make recommendations about, and monitor the use of ISSP grants.
  2. Consider any matters relating to ISSP at UniSC.
  3. Establish, as necessary, any sub-committees or working groups for the purpose of providing specialist advice on ISSP.
  4. Refer for action or advice on any relevant matter to the Vice-Chancellor.

Terms of reference are to be reviewed annually.

Composition and Membership

The ISSP Committee will comprise of:

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy (Ex Officio)
  • The Director of ISU–Chair (Ex Officio)
  • The Community and Student Advisor-Co-Chair (Ex Officio)
  • The Coordinator ISU (Ex Officio)
  • The Engagement Officer (Ex Officio)
  • An Indigenous student (EoI-to be appointed by the VCP for one year)
Procedural Matters

Term of Office
The term of office for appointed committee members will be one year. Members may be invited for additional terms of membership.

The quorum shall be four members of the Committee, with at least one of those members being the Chair or Co-Chair.

Frequency of Meetings
The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. Additional meetings can be scheduled as required. Formal minutes of meetings will be kept.