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    Report on Council meeting –

    3 December  2020

    At its meeting held on 3 December 2020, the following matters were received or noted by the University Council:

    Presentation: Health, Safety and Wellbeing

    Council received a presentation from Dr Christina Turner, Director, Human Resources, on Health, Safety and Wellbeing at USC, highlighting a review of key activities undertaken over the past twelve months, including responding to the COVID-19 environment.

    2021-2025 University  Budget

    Council resolved to approve the 2021-2025 University Budget, as set out in Document 3.1.1.

    Audit and Assurance Framework Governing Policy and Internal Audit Charter 

    Council resolved that the amendments to the Audit and Assurance Framework Governing Policy and associated Internal Audit Charter be approved, as set out in Document 3.2.1.

    Strategic Plan – Review session

    The Vice-Chancellor and President provided Council with an introduction to the Strategic Plan review session, facilitated by the Director, Marketing and External Engagement.

    Other items

    On this occasion, Council also received or noted the following:

    • Regular reports from the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor and President
    • Exercise of Authorisations
    • Report on Use of the University Seal
    • Student Senate Report
    • Corporate Performance Report on the Strategic Plan 2019-2022
    • Annual Review of Delegations – Delegations Manual and Schedules
    • Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Program update
    • Compliance with UCC Voluntary Code of Best Practice for Governance of Australian Universities
    • Diversity and Inclusion Plan
    • Minutes and reports of standing committees of Council