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Clean energy

How does it work?

Rather than a traditional battery – which poses disposal problems for the environment – UniSC uses a thermal energy storage tank, mostly consisting of water. That means minimal waste when it comes time to replace. The water, once chilled using the power of the sun, is used in air conditioners across the Sunshine Coast campus, resulting in a massive leap towards our goal to become carbon neutral by 2029. And the best part is – there was no capital outlay. Veolia delivered the infrastructure as part of the broader agreement.

Smart system checks the weather

The best option for energy changes from hour to hour. UniSC opted for a system that reacts to changing conditions in real-time. Depending on what the weather is doing and various other factors, the system will react to changing conditions and shift energy between the solar panels, mains electricity and thermal energy storage tank. This ensures the campus is using the best source of energy that optimises energy use, carbon emissions and cost.


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