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Sustainable print

As part of UniSC's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, Print Services choose to use sustainable paper and processes.


The paper supplied in all printers at UniSC is Double A Premium, white 80gsm paper with the following environmental accreditations:

  • FSC - The mark of responsible forestry

For more information, refer to Double A - Sustainability.

There are blue bins provided around all UniSC locations where paper and cardboard can be disposed, for recycling.

Ricoh and UniSC Green partnership

Aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and regularly measuring our sustainability goals, the partnership will:

  • reduce paper use by default duplex print settings
  • reduce power consumption (less CO2) by default sleep mode settings
  • used toner cartridges and parts replacement recycling

Toner cartridges are recycled and go through ground-breaking processes to help produce:

  • higher quality asphalt for road surfaces
  • recycled felt tip pens
  • 100% recycled artist ink

For more information, refer to Ricoh - Environment and sustainability.

Do your part for our planet

Please use double-sided, black and white print settings where you can.
This helps to reduce waste and make printing at UniSC more sustainable and environmentally friendly.