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Water refill campus initiative

All UniSC campuses are water refill campuses, meaning the University does not sell commercial bottled water, or any single use plastic water bottles. UniSC provides free drinking water to all staff, students and visitors.

Refill and reduce waste

By choosing to refill your water you can save money and help us to prevent around 40,000 plastic water bottles per year going to landfill. Bring a refillable bottle when you visit UniSC and refill it for free at the following campus locations.

UniSC Sunshine Coast

Free chilled filtered water stations are available:

  • below the Library
  • by the Brasserie stage
  • outside the entrance to the sports facility, and
  • at the top and the bottom of the stairs in Building K

Find the location of each free drinking water point on the Sunshine Coast Amenities map.

UniSC Caboolture
  • Chilled water refill stations are available for free at multiple locations on campus
UniSC Fraser Coast
  • Chilled filtered water refill stations are available outside Building C.
UniSC Gympie

Chilled spring water is available:

  • on level 1 in the main building, and
  • in B Block

Find the location of free drinking water on the Gympie floor plan map.

UniSC Moreton Bay
  • Chilled water refill stations are available on each level

Sustainable choices

In 2015 UniSC became a water refill campus, and stopped selling any single use plastic water bottles either directly or through its vendors. All UniSC campuses are water refill campuses, and we provide free drinking water to staff, students and visitors. This includes a variety of alternative options to purchasing commercial bottled water on campus.

This initiative aligns with the University's goal to reduce waste going to landfill and empowers the UniSC community to be environmentally responsible through providing a variety of alternative choices.

Refillable bottles

UniSC encourages people to bring their own refillable bottle. Refillable water bottles are available for purchase at Cafe C and the Brasserie at UniSC Sunshine Coast campus. Local retailers, located near each campus, also sell refillable bottles. UniSC no longer sells commercial bottled still water on campus.


UniSC provides free water on campus, and encourages people to bring their own refillable bottle to refill and reduce waste.

UniSC supports achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: Clean water and sanitation, Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and Goal 14: Life below water.