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Sustainable USC

UniSC is committed to environmental sustainability for the benefit of students, staff and the wider community.

Sustainability initiatives

UniSC has an active program of sustainability initiatives that addresses both large-scale issues such as energy, waste, recycling and the campus environment, and targeted activities such as the development and use of green cleaning practices.


UniSC is a flora and fauna reserve, spread over 100 hectares


Clean energy is more than just a lesson at UniSC – it’s how we will power our largest campus.


UniSC is a Water Refill campus and offers free chilled filtered water

Waste and recycling

UniSC has adopted measures to manage and minimise our waste

Sustainable transport

Travel to campus by bike or jump on the UniSC Express shuttle

Sustainability governance

UniSC's strategic position on sustainability


Campus buildings focus on environmentally sustainable design

Sustainability awards

Our practices have been acknowledged through a series of national awards

Sustainability research

Sustainability, aquaculture and forestry are the core research foci at UniSC

Sustainability events

Sustainability Week is the main sustainability-themed event at UniSC, but it is joined by events focussed on specific initiatives throughout the year.

The latest sustainable news

Harvesting plantation logs at Beerburrum. Photo David Lee
How pine tree residue could help power Queensland
9 Mar

Bioenergy produced from harvest waste across South East Queensland’s pine plantations could significantly reduce net carbon emissions and nurture an emerging industry, according to research led by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Andy Marshall tree identification research
How many tree species live on our planet?
1 Feb

A USC conservation scientist unafraid to go out on a limb – or crawl through thorny vines, or trek remote forests in storms – is among a group of global researchers who can now answer the question: How many tree species exist in the world?

Swimwear designer draws the line at fishing waste
18 Jan

Animal Ecology graduate El Pierce, who expanded her passion for the marine environment to designing swimwear made from recycled fishing nets, is a finalist in a national competition for aspiring young female entrepreneurs.

Sustainability Report

UniSC is committed to achieving sustainability in terms of teaching, research and how it operates. It is important to measure what we accomplish in this space in order to understand what has been achieved and what still needs to be done. The University captures measurable data where possible and qualitative information where measurable data is not available. UniSC feeds this information into internal and external reporting processes. UniSC has developed a biennial Sustainability Report to highlight sustainability initiatives achieved, transparently track progress towards actions set out in the University's Carbon Management Plan and identify priority areas for the upcoming two-year period.

The 2018/2019 USC Sustainability Report is currently available for download.

The future is clean

As the world grapples with the impacts of climate change, we need skilled and passionate people who can help lead the way towards a cleaner economy.

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