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Lifelong love of science finally off the backburner

There were many telltale moments throughout Seren Brussaard’s childhood that showed she had a strong preference for science.

However, the 25-year-old Griffin mother, who is starting a Bachelor of Science at USC Moreton Bay this semester as her 5-year-old daughter starts school, is unsure when her scientific passion first ignited.

Perhaps it was when, as a young child, she would choose documentaries over kids’ movies.

Or maybe it was during primary school when she stacked as many astronomy books as she could carry home from the library, while her friends preferred The Sleepover Club books.

Or when she was held spellbound by a substitute high school maths teacher, who spoke to Seren’s class for an hour about genetics, biology, and physical traits in babies.

“I was just so engrossed in what she was explaining and how she was presenting, talking about dominant and recessive genes and how some babies end up with blue eyes. I think it was the most fun class I’d ever had,” Ms Brussaard said.

And while she concentrated on many other subjects at school, she still borrowed science books from the library to read in her spare time.

“I was in my own little world, honestly, having a good time enjoying science on the side,” she said.

Now, after finishing school in 2014, building a house, starting a career and starting a family – all the while feeding her fascination for science – Ms Brussaard is keen to pursue a career in science.

“I think the gap between school and study is purely because I needed to do some things in my life first. But now that my daughter is going to school, I’ve finally been able to come to uni,” she said.

Ms Brussaard is looking forward to learning a “mixed bag” of topics, including ecology, biology and chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology and more from leading scientists, at Australia’s newest university campus just 15 minutes from her home.

“The community here is great, and it’s a beautiful part of Queensland to live in. My partner and I want to be somewhere with great opportunities, and the growth aspect of Moreton Bay really appeals,” said Ms Brussaard, who grew up at Bribie Island.

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