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Winners of the best field trip
University ‘not just a fairy tale’: High school students experience epic field trip
12 Jul

From the world’s largest sand island to watching major sports matches – five Year 12 students have experienced the trip of a lifetime with University of the Sunshine Coast.

Treatment that could lower blood pressure to be trialled
9 Jul

A potential treatment for lowering blood pressure is set to be trialled at the University of the Sunshine Coast, as numbers of Australians with hypertension continues to rise.

Ancient skeletons prove little interbreeding in modern dingoes
9 Jul

DNA sourced from dingo bones predating the arrival of Europeans in Australia shows that modern dingoes retain much of their ancient genetic makeup, with little interbreeding with domestic dogs.

When life gives you a wheelchair, find a basketball court
8 Jul

Steven Elliott was an active, sports-mad, 13-year-old schoolboy when a sudness illness left him paralysed; rather than falling into despair and thinking 'why me?', Steven made a conscious choice to make the very best of the hand he'd been dealt.

Mental health workshop: What to say when they're not okay
5 Jul

A science-backed mental health workshop, offered by the University of the Sunshine Coast, will cover the skills needed to ask the right questions and provide support to people who might be struggling.

Driverless cars struggle to track objects while moving. So why don’t our eyes?
4 Jul

New research may have turned more than 100 years of thinking about the way our brains process visual information on its head.

What Aussie teenagers told us about not watching local TV
3 Jul

A new study by UniSC investigates how, why and to what extent Australian teenagers aged 13 to 19 engage with long-form TV drama and movies in their daily lives, including Australian stories.

Paramedic riding on a legacy of courage
3 Jul

Paramedic and adventurer Emma Williams left school at 15 to join the workforce, but despite career success, Emma felt driven by her grandparents’ incredible legacy to pursue higher education, their key to get out of working in slavery; now, she is doing all she can to ensure their sacrifices are honoured and their courage paid forward.

Criminology Myth Busters: Discerning Fact From Fiction
3 Jul

Criminology is shrouded in myths and mythology alike – Dr Emily Moir lifts the veil on this often misunderstood area of research and knowledge.

How AI is helping UniSC students stop hackers
1 Jul

Dr Dennis Desmond is taking his students on an interactive journey of hacking, cybersecurity and corporate espionage - and he's using artificial intelligence to help him.

Words count: Research recommends refining the way media reports suicide
1 Jul

It is time to use more precise terminology and change the way stories on mental illness and suicide are framed, according to research by the University of the Sunshine Coast that offers a new global framework for media.

Tackling it all
1 Jul

Balancing being the fullback for the Brisbane Broncos NRLW with work and academic pursuits at uni is not for the faint of heart; But it’s Hayley Maddick's love of sport, a desire to use her brain, and her joy at helping to pave the way for future female athletes that keeps her going.

Debris hotspots map predicts dangers for threatened marine life
27 Jun

A new study has identified the most likely cause of ocean rubbish hotspots in Australia and the risk to four endangered species – green sea turtles, dugongs, Australian sea lions and flesh-footed shearwaters

Hearing voices is common. Virtual reality might help us meet and ‘treat’ them
26 Jun

Hearing voices is common and can be distressing; virtual reality might help us meet and ‘treat’ them', according to research co-authored by Dr Rachel Brand, published in The Conversation.

Comms student’s Olympic-sized leap into gold medal internship
24 Jun

Charlee McKinnon, a communications student at UniSC, is one of three First Nations students selected for a paid internship with the Brisbane 2032 Games brand and emblems design team; Charlee’s driving force is the pride in her heritage, a buried history she didn’t know existed until her early teenage years.

Why have Australia’s espionage authors been renditioned to a literary black site?
21 Jun

Internationally, spy novels are surfing a 40-year wave of commercial success, writes UniSC PhD candidate David Rymer.

UniSC Spartans bid adieu for Paris
19 Jun

Three University of the Sunshine Coast Spartans swimmers are bound for Paris today, as they prepare to represent Australia in the pool at the 2024 Olympic Games.

UniSC Clinical Trials set for $11.5m SEQ expansion
18 Jun

The University of the Sunshine Coast is set to double its clinical trials capacity on the Sunshine Coast and at Moreton Bay, in a $11.5 million expansion project.

‘Don’t stand up in a hammock’: Stories from rural teachers changing attitudes
13 Jun

As Australia struggles with teacher shortages outside of major cities, how can more early career teachers be convinced to go to hard-to-staff places?  University of the Sunshine Coast initiatives are helping to make a difference

UniSC tops Queensland for global impact on climate action and zero hunger
12 Jun

The University of the Sunshine Coast has topped Queensland in a major global ranking that measures impact on sustainability standards set by the United Nations.

Research develops new tool to treat deadly superbug
11 Jun

World-leading software that can both detect and predict antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in one of nature’s toughest and deadliest superbugs has been developed by a University of the Sunshine Coast-led research team.

High-tech roo collars aim to prevent road accidents
10 Jun

In an effort to prevent road crashes between vehicles and wildlife, UniSC researchers are tracking roos with custom-made high-tech collars “to a degree of biomechanical accuracy not seen before” to better predict their hopping movements in different habitats.

Global lessons across our largest ocean
7 Jun

UniSC research here and in the Galápagos is answering some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, with a focus on rare and threatened marine life found at opposite ends of the ocean.

Peat was historically mined overseas because it burns so well. But Australia’s subtropical peat bogs need fire to survive
4 Jun

Writing for The Conversation, Professor of Ecology Catherine Yule explores an Australian subtropical peatland ecosystem that's thriving because of bushfires.

Apex sharks are becoming smaller, scarcer and it’s changing our ecosystems.
4 Jun

New research from the University of the Sunshine Coast has found a decline in the number, size and diversity of Queensland’s apex sharks, marking a “significant shift” in our coastal ecosystems.

Family meetings help – but they can also go horribly wrong
4 Jun

Writing for The Conversation,  Dr Rachael Sharman explores some of the potential benefits – and risks – of holding regular family meetings.

Avian flu: Biosecurity could be brought down by backyard birdkeepers
30 May

Private farms and backyard coops have the potential to undo our best efforts in biosecurity, writes public health expert Dr Matt Mason.

UniSC graduate Bindi Horvath at work at Gympie Hospital
Early employment for UniSC graduates continues to climb
28 May

UniSC continues a three-year upward trajectory in graduate outcomes.

Science graduate ‘paid’ to dive globe for a year
27 May

New University of the Sunshine Coast graduate Pablo Fuenzalida is scuba-geared up for an extraordinary year underwater as the only Australasian recipient of a coveted research scholarship backed by Rolex.

Gene-ius mum of four proves perseverance is in her DNA
24 May

Ruth Kinard started uni with two babies in tow, and graduated with four; battling baby-brain, health challenges, and self-doubt, Ruth persisted, earning her degree in biomedicine, thanks to her compelling personal motivations to understand — and champion — genetics.