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Fashion student awarded scholarship and leads FashCamp

11 Oct 2022

Eva's Timmerman's dreams of working in the fashion industry are now a reality thanks to a headstart to study, a scholarship and mentoring by UniSC's passionate lecturer in Fashion Studies, Deborah Fisher, through the UniSC FashCamp program.

Now returning as a leader in the program, Eva is keen to share her success and inspire others keen to follow the same creative path.

"This year I was given the opportunity to return to UniSC’s FashCamp program, not as a student of fashion, but as a leader.

"I was a student at FashCamp in 2019, which was when I first met Deborah. Since then, I have been a Headstart student in one of Deb’s fashion classes, have been to sustainable fashion panel discussions that she hosts and now I've been invited back to UniSC as a FashCamp leader," she said.

Deborah’s international fashion career has included designing seasonal collections for major American retailers, such as Bloomingdales and Macy’s, and has dressed people such as former US First Lady Nancy Reagan.

UniSC's FashCamp Program provides up-and-coming fashion students at high-school with an introduction to the industry with a focus on sustainable fashion. The program has helped Eva find work in the industry, and secure scholarships and opportunities for further study.

"The experience has had a monumental impact on me, my studies and my personal fashion journey.

"After the course, I have found work within the fashion industry and I have met some extraordinary people along the way.

"I was given the incredible opportunity of a scholarship through the Noosa Chances Foundation, in conjunction with InNoosa and Hello Sunshine Magazine.

"This scholarship provides support in my final year of high school this year, and my continued tertiary studies.

"Thank you so much Deborah Fisher, UniSC and all the amazing people who worked incredibly hard to organise and give students the opportunity to explore the fashion industry and their passions," Eva said.

Eva has also received an Early Offer Guarantee from UniSC, securing her spot in UniSC's Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business in 2023.

Eva is returning to FashCamp as a leader to support other students and work alongside her mentor, Deborah Fisher who leads Fashion Studies at UniSC. Photography by Nadia Masot.

UniSC's FashCamp is a three day fashion course which touches on a wide range of fashion careers and introduces a number of skills required in the fashion industry. A key focus is sustainable fashion, with fashionistas incorporating thrifted clothing  sourced locally as they style, photograph and create their very own fashion blogs.

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