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Clinical trial of an investigational medication for cognitive impairment due to depression
23 Mar

The University of the Sunshine Coast is collaborating with an Australian biotechnology company to begin trials assessing a novel therapy for neurological diseases associated with dysregulated brain cortisol.

Happy as a clam: the UniSC research stopping stress in oysters, that could end up in human hospitals
22 Mar

Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast may have found a new way to treat heart health and immune function in humans, from a very unusual source.

Future global leaders learn building blocks of infrastructure
17 Mar

A group of future global leaders from South Asia are exploring key learnings in building regional infrastructure for trade and economic growth through a University of the Sunshine Coast course centred on international diplomacy and capacity building.

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Global interest in koala vaccine leads to funding
14 Mar

Global interest in a vaccine that can treat chlamydia in koalas has resulted in funding that will help University of the Sunshine Coast scientists with the next phase of development.

Global plastic pollution crisis: The Galápagos Islands under threat
13 Mar

It is one of most pristine and protected places in the world, but new research has revealed the alarming extent of plastic pollution in the Galápagos archipelago and the harm it poses to the rare and endangered animals who live there.

Study finds diet myths ‘hidden’ in social media
13 Mar

Joint UniSC research published in the Journal of Sociology has found potentially dangerous health misinformation in ‘What I Eat in a Day’ YouTube videos, as Dr Naomi Smith urges social media users to carefully evaluate the material presented.

Unique university placement helps tackle workforce crisis in aged care
9 Mar

As Australia’s aged care sector struggles with critical workforce shortages, a novel final-year University of the Sunshine Coast placement is helping nursing students fast-track their transition into work-ready graduates – with expanded insights, skills and passion for caring for the elderly.

Parasitic wasp among new insect species found in Qld
8 Mar

A Sunshine Coast school will help taxonomists name a wasp species new to western science after its students caught the insect as part of a tri-state project to uncover more of Australia’s biodiversity, says UniSC entomologist Dr Andy Howe.

Expert reaction: 'Oceans treaty' agreement reached
7 Mar

After more than 15 years of talks and negotiations, the UN has reached an agreement to make the so-called 'Oceans Treaty' or Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ Treaty) a reality.

Perspectives on gender equity
6 Mar

For International Women's Day, the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) asked four women to share their unique perspectives on how UniSC can help build a more equitable workplace and society.

Research develops test for bat-borne virus in Asia
6 Mar

University of the Sunshine Coast-led research has developed a simple dipstick test to screen for a highly infectious, potentially deadly virus transmitted by bats to humans and pigs in Asia.

Moreton Bay scholarships are 'changing lives'
2 Mar

An expanded Moreton Bay Regional Council scholarship and bursary program is helping even more UniSC students to reach their full potential.

Take a direct route to the film industry
1 Mar

Aaron Lenden is carving out a name for himself in Australian screen media.

Cultural burns can help protect koalas: new research
27 Feb

Research into koala numbers before and after cultural burns on the world’s second largest sand island has fuelled a push to merge Aboriginal knowledge with cutting-edge science to mitigate the dangers of bushfires across Australia.

Healthy volunteers wanted for clinical trial of new COVID-19 nasal spray vaccine
23 Feb

The University of the Sunshine Coast will soon begin a phase one clinical trial of a potential new nasal spray vaccine for COVID-19.

Sisters take different paths to the same degree
23 Feb

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right time to start a degree – just ask sisters Kaitlyn and Sophie Ryan.

Book fans back on campus to meet bestsellers
22 Feb

About 3,000 avid young readers from South East Queensland will swap school for university on the Sunshine Coast tomorrow and Friday to meet their favourite authors at a festival dedicated to books.

Why the behavior of the Bing search chatbot is a serious threat
21 Feb

From gaslighting to death threats, generative artificial intelligence that ‘talks’ to users is becoming one of humanity’s biggest threats, according to a leading authority in the AI field.

Researchers find adolescent cyberbullies also more likely to be victims – but that’s not all
20 Feb

Early adolescents who engage in cyberbullying are more likely to become victims, according to new research from the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Free workforce planning course for Queensland small businesses
17 Feb

Businesses seeking skilled staff will benefit from a new free short course developed by the University of the Sunshine Coast in partnership with the Queensland Government.

Research to rebuild lives and cities after disaster
16 Feb

As countries like Turkey and New Zealand face the tragic aftermath of earthquake and cyclone, a key leader behind the rebuilding of Christchurch more than a decade ago is researching future infrastructure solutions.

UniSC campuses to come to life as thousands of new students join in Orientation
16 Feb

It’s one of the most exciting and important dates on the university calendar, with UniSC staging a week of Orientation events to welcome more than 4,800 new students across its five campuses from Moreton Bay to Fraser Coast.

Primary school program addresses STEM gender gap
15 Feb

A University of the Sunshine Coast program will help young girls catch the STEM bug early and to believe in their ability to succeed in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Industry wins as UniSC posts graduate employment boost
14 Feb

University of the Sunshine Coast graduates are enjoying rising success in the job market – posting the country’s largest two-year growth in employment for any university.

A love story born of a scholarship
13 Feb

Natalie and James first met five minutes before the start of a scholarship ceremony at UniSC.

Clinical trial of potential needle-free vaccination for influenza
9 Feb

The University of the Sunshine Coast is about to begin a clinical trial to assess a needle-free technology for vaccinating against influenza, in Brisbane, Morayfield and on the Sunshine Coast.

‘Best Field Trip in the World’ contest kicks off in Queensland
7 Feb

It’s an eco-experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast are hunting for Australia’s most eager field-tripper to join them.

New study reveals critically low numbers of north Queensland quolls
6 Feb

A study reveals that endangered Spotted-tailed Quolls in North Queensland might in fact be critically endangered, with numbers down to fewer than 250 individuals in a handful of small and declining populations.

Beyond spy balloons: here are 7 kinds of intelligence spies want, and how they get it
6 Feb

The news of the "Chinese spy balloon" being shot down over the US has reignited interest in how nation-states spy on one another.

Efficiency, ecology at the heart of new Moreton Bay Campus buildings
2 Feb

Specialty European timber that regenerates “in five-to-six minutes” is among the sustainable materials being used in the second stage of the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Moreton Bay campus.