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Contractor frequently asked questions

What safety documents do I have to submit?

Your UniSC Contact Person (the UniSC staff member who contracted your services) will inform you what safety documents you are required to submit.

What if my scope of work changes while undertaking work at or for UniSC, do I have to submit new safety documents?

If the specifications of the work you are undertaking change, you must ensure that the changes/new work is represented in your safety documents and resubmit them to your UniSC Contact Person.

Do I need to submit a risk assessment every time I come to work at or for UniSC?

If the work you are doing is similar (in that it has the same hazards and controls) to the work on your previous risk assessment; there are no new hazards in the environment you are to work in and the risk assessment is dated less than twelve months ago, you do not need to submit a new risk assessment.

How do I access the UniSC online safety training? Can I find it on the Sine website?

You need the specific link in order to view and complete the module. Contact your UniSC Contact Person or email: to obtain this link.

If I've completed my UniSC online safety training within the last 12 months, do I need to do it again?

No. If you completed your induction within the last 12 months, and UniSC has that record in Sine, you do not need to complete it again. However, if UniSC does not have a record of your completion, you will be requested to sit it again. This will then be valid for 12 months from the new submission date.

Can I register multiple contractors on the one work email address?

No. Each individual contractor is required to have their own Sine account. If they do not have a work email, they can use their personal email address. This is necessary because each contractor needs to sign in individually so we can view who has successfully completed the training module and who is on site.

I don't have a work email, how do I register and check in?

You can use your personal email to register and check in.

Can one contractor complete the induction on behalf of everyone else?

No. Each individual contractor (subcontractor or labour hire personnel), who undertakes work at or for UniSC, is required to complete their own UniSC Induction. This is to ensure each contractor receives the relevant health and safety information and can check in and out on when onsite.

Will I get spammed by SINE when I've registered my details?

No. You will be notified when your inductions are due for renewal, and upon check in/check out, however you can opt out of notifications via your Profile in the app and on PC.

Can I complete the induction on my phone?

Yes. The inductions are smart phone friendly. Simply copy the link (provided by your UniSC Contact Person) into your internet browser and sign in from there.

Do I have to download the Sine Pro App?

No. However the app is user friendly and provides a geofence which will prompt you to check in once you’re on site. Downloading the app also means you can check in wherever you are, which prevents you needing to present to the Customer Service Desk to check in/out. The app is available through the App Store or Google Play.

I don't want to enable location services on my phone, can I still use the app to check in?

Yes, however you will have to remember to check in, rather than being automatically prompted to check in once you enter a campus geofence. Simply click ‘Check In’ and then select the location you are at.

How do I check in?

You can check in using the SinePro app available on the App Store or Google Play and clicking the location you are at.

If you don’t own a smart phone, you can present to the Customer Service Desk. See below for Customer Service Desk locations

I don't have a mobile, how do I check in?

You can present to the Customer Service Desk and use the iPad to check in.

The iPads are located at:

Sippy Downs:               Building Q – Facilities Management Front Desk
                                   Building J - SafeUniSC

Moreton Bay:                Room G.116 – SafeUniSC
                                   Outside Room G.122

Fraser Coast:                Building C – Facilities Management Front Desk

Gympie:                       Building GY1 – Front Desk

Thompson Institute:      Room G.02 – MRI Reception Front Desk

My UniSC contact person isn't in the list, can I pick someone else?

Yes. You can pick someone else from the department you are assisting, however we recommend contacting your UniSC Contact Person to advise that you have arrived and also that they are not on the list, so they can be added for future check ins.

Does the safety training work for all of UniSC sites?

Yes, the Online Safety Training is UniSC wide and will be valid for any offsite work you are undertaking for UniSC . However, there may be other inductions you may need to complete depending on the work you are undertaking or the location you are performing this work.

Can I do the online safety training without creating a Sine log in account?

No. You must create a Sine login to complete the online safety training. The details you use to register your account are also the details you will use to check in.

How is my information stored and protected?

Refer to Sine’s Security Policy

How do I check in if I am doing work for UniSC off-campus?

The Sine check in system is only required for those completing works on-site at any of the UniSC Campuses. You will still be required to undertake the Online Safety Training if you are working off site, but you will not be required to check in.

How do I know if my induction is still current?

You can check your completed inductions and ‘Viewing your Responses’. If you are due to renew an induction within 30 days, the status will state ‘Renew’. Select ‘Renew’ to re-sit your induction. Expired workflows can be viewed under the ‘Activity’ tab at the top of the page.

I've completed my induction but my check in has rejected me, why?

Check the mobile/email you are using to check in with matches the mobile/email on your profile. If you have changed mobile numbers or email address, please amend them in your profile and then retry your check in

If you are using the iPad located at the Customer Service Desk and this is your first time checking in after creating an account, try checking in as a ‘First Time User’ instead of a ‘Return Contractor’.

If you are still having issues checking in, please contact your UniSC Contact Person, email  or call 5430 1195 and the staff can troubleshoot your check in.

Who do I contact to get help with my log in or induction?

If none of the above answers has resolved your enquiry, contact your UniSC Contact Person or Facilities Management on 5430 1195 for further assistance.

I tried to reset my password but haven't received the email yet

Please check your junk email box.

Alternatively, please check you’ve already created an account. If this is your first time completing the training via Sine, there is a high chance you haven’t got a registered account yet, even if you’ve been able to check in/out before. If you’re not sure, click ‘Create an Account’ and enter your email and if it allows creation, then complete this and you will be redirected to the induction module.

If you continue to have issues, contact your UniSC Contact Person or the Facilities Management on 5430 1195.

I am only going to be onsite for a short time or to quote a job, do I still need to complete the induction?

Yes. The induction is expected to be completed by all contractors and volunteers, who work at or for UniSC. It provides important information regarding emergency tones, safety hazards, wildlife preservation and our smoking policy among others. This information may prove to be important even if you are only attending for 10 minutes.