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2013 Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Awards

The Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Awards are the highest honour in Australian journalism, celebrating excellence across all media. Since 1956, when the first Walkleys were presented in five categories, the awards have grown to more than thirty categories, including photojournalism.

The awards recognise the work of photographers across a range of genres. A judging panel of senior photographers and picture editors selected the images for the awards and subsequent exhibition from almost 350 entries submitted in 2013, looking for newsworthiness, impact, creativity and technical skill.

Some of the images are the work of a split second. Others took months of research and trust-building. Photographers interact with their subjects with perhaps more intimacy than storytellers in any other medium, and the stories they tell can move with a single frame.

The 2013 finalists and winners encompass a range of stories—from politicians to everyday folk, from backyards to the furthest corners of the globe. Such is the power of photojournalism: in a frozen moment, the smallest story can be as compelling as the largest.

This exhibition is shown in parternship with The Walkley Foundation for Journalism and the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Barat ALI BATOOR Hazara exodus, the first day at sea 2013. Photograph. Courtesy of The Global Mail.


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