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Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang'ga'man

Across south-east Queensland, the skills and traditions of canoe making have been largely lost over time and it has likely been 150 years since a traditional bark canoe has been seen on local waterways.

Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang'ga'man is a research and reconstruction project that revisits the skills and traditions of bark canoe making by the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi people. Initiated by Lyndon Davis, artist, dancer, cultural practitioner and Senior Fellow of USC, this exhibition documented these activities and promoted the project’s national significance and value for the community.

Canoe builders: Lyndon Davis, Brent Miller, Nathan Morgan and Kerry Jones; Researcher: Ray Kerkhove; Filmmaker and documentation: James Muller and John Waldron; Curator: John Waldron.

Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang'ga'man is a Sunshine Coast Council initiative supported by the Sunshine Coast Heritage Levy.

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James MULLER Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang’ga’man, Brent Miller testing the canoe at Boreen Point 2013.