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Kinship: Jandamarra Cadd

After touring throughout Australia, this exhibition by Sunshine Coast artist Jandamarra Cadd explores the deeply complex and important connections of kinship within Aboriginal culture.

Aboriginal kinship ties, values, belief, identity and language are maintained by the community and the continuance of aboriginal society is dependent on keeping aboriginal families strong and healthy both physically and culturally. It is the kinship ties that determine a person’s rites, responsibilities, interactions and behaviour.

Jandamarra hopes to reach as many people as possible to share his dream and passion for a united Australia where the beauty and value of Aboriginal culture is viewed with equality and respect.

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Opening event
6.30pm Thursday 18 February

Deeper Conversations: Jandamarra Cadd
6.30pm Wednesday 23 March

Jandamarra CADD Ceremony 2014. Oil and acrylic on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.