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Outstanding Alumni Awards

Nominations for the 2020 Outstanding Alumni of the Year Awards closed in August 2020.

The Outstanding Alumni Awards are an annual awards program that honours, acknowledges and celebrates USC graduates who have achieved significantly in their field of expertise since graduating. Nominations are generally open each year between June-August.

Thank you to those who have submitted a 2020 nomination. Due to COVID-19 considerations, the previous awards presentation format at USC Sunshine Coast for the broader USC community will not take place in 2020. Recipients will be officially announced in October.

For any enquiries contact Anita Edmonds, Manager, Alumni Relations. Email alumni@usc.edu.au or Tel: +61 7 5459 4564.

Award categories and selection criteria*

* All nominees must have first graduated from USC at least two years ago (e.g. 2018 Graduation or earlier for 2020 nominations).

Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
Regional achievement
Rising Star
  • Demonstrated and sustained excellence in their field (professional, academic, research or┬ácommunity)
  • Demonstrated leadership and innovation
  • Evidence of contribution to and recognition by their profession or community at a local, national or international level
  • Evidence of contribution to the broader Sunshine Coast region and/or another regional community, which includes:
    • Demonstrated success in their field (professional, academic, research or community)
    • Leadership in their field or community
    • Supporting the development of the regional community and/or economy
  • Aged 35 years or less on the due date of the nomination
  • Demonstrated success in their field (professional, academic, research or┬ácommunity)
  • Evidence of career and/or personal development activities
  • Future goals and their potential impact

2019 Outstanding Alumni Awards evening photos below.