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Our research community is young and vibrant yet already so many areas have been independently verified as being above world standard. These include focus areas such as psychology and neuroscience; zoology, veterinary and environmental sciences; agriculture, fisheries and forestry; and nursing and biological science. We partner with industry, institutions and all levels of government to deliver innovative, high-quality research with real impact.

Giving opportunities

If you would like to discuss the opportunity to support research activities, please contact Kate Evans, Senior Advancement Manager,

PTSD Building
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The National PTSD Research Centre pursues solutions for the 1.4 million Australians living with post-traumatic stress disorder. The centre is the first of its kind in Australia, bringing together advanced neuroscience and psychotherapies, to unveil crucial insights into how PTSD and traumatic stress are linked to brain structure and function. Learn more ...

Psychology clinic
Thompson Institute

The University of the Sunshine Coast's Thompson Institute (TI) is a world-class hub for research, teaching clinical services for Australia's most pressing mental health issues. Philanthropy continues to enable new research and clinics to be conducted at the TI, positively changing the lives of many forever. Learn more ...

Koala at Qld Zoo
Koala research project

Koalas are under even more threats today than ever. Decreasing habitat, injuries and deaths from road accidents and dogs, both wild and domestic, are major threats. However, a major threat is that from two infectious diseases, Chlamydia and the newly found koala retrovirus. Learn more ...

Bear - Koala Detection Dog
Detection Dogs For Conservation

The team is driven by the vision to rescue high energy dogs and turn their talents towards finding and assisting endangered wildlife. This was never more important than when they were engaged to find injured koalas in the recent bushfires, allowing may of these iconic animals to get life-saving treatment. It bought our DDC team member Bear to attention of Tom Hanks and secured him a Foxtel special! Learn more ...

Sea turtle rehabilitation and research

Support Associate Professor and Marine Biologist, Dr Kathy Townsend's sea turtle rescue and research work and help us establish a much-needed Turtle Rehabilitation Centre at Hervey Bay.

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The Latest Research News

High-tech roo collars aim to prevent road accidents
10 Jun

In an effort to prevent road crashes between vehicles and wildlife, UniSC researchers are tracking roos with custom-made high-tech collars “to a degree of biomechanical accuracy not seen before” to better predict their hopping movements in different habitats.

Peat was historically mined overseas because it burns so well. But Australia’s subtropical peat bogs need fire to survive
4 Jun

Writing for The Conversation, Professor of Ecology Catherine Yule explores an Australian subtropical peatland ecosystem that's thriving because of bushfires.

Science graduate ‘paid’ to dive globe for a year
27 May

New University of the Sunshine Coast graduate Pablo Fuenzalida is scuba-geared up for an extraordinary year underwater as the only Australasian recipient of a coveted research scholarship backed by Rolex.

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