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The Smith Family Work Inspirations Program

The Work Inspirations program is a joint initiative between The Smith Family and USC. Across a 3-day industry and educational immersive program, students get a combined hands-on experience within industries such as hospitality, event management, engineering, human resources and property development. They obtain the knowledge of the educational pathways available to advance to these areas through an Immersive Day at USC Sunshine Coast and an in school careers session.

The Global Innovators Challenge Immersive Day, was developed by Engineers without Borders, and has been adapted from a University level project to a suit a school audience from a range of study areas.

In the first part of the day, students take part in a series of STEM-based hands-on activities which relate directly to the issues faced by people in the developing community of Bambui, Cameroon. The day culminates in a strategic planning session where students take on the roles of various STEM professionals, charged with the responsibility of coming up with solutions to Bambui’s issues.

The challenge activities contribute towards the development of skills in problem solving, the application of basic science, health and engineering fundamentals, and communication. The challenge uses STEM to address global issues such as energy, water and food. It gives students a real insight into how STEM can be used to tackle challenges faced by communities in the developing world, and how they can be part of the solution.

Audience: Year 9 to Year 11 Learning for Life Students, invited by The Smith Family

Funding Source: Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program Funding

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