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Workshops and Events

The UniSC Careers and Employability team hosts industry-specific iEngage sessions, Career Fairs as well as employability skills workshops.

Employability Skills Workshops

Key topics which run across the year:

Resume Hacks That Work

This workshop focuses on writing your degree-related resume as well as provide useful tips for writing a part-time or casual work resume.

Write Winning Applications 

The secrets of a winning job application revealed. Learn how to target your application so you hit your audience right where it works.

Ace Your Job Interview

Learn how to shine at job interviews and come out a winner.

Developing Employability Skills

Connect the skills and capabilities developed in your study program to your future career journey. UniSC Careers and Employability will discuss strategies in critical reflection and techniques to communicate your ‘career narrative’, to make an impression in a competitive graduate marketplace.

The Hidden Job Market 

Did you know that 40-50% of jobs are NOT advertised? Learn how to connect through personal branding, social media, networking, and the hidden job market. The 21st-century job market is multi-channel, strategic self-marketing. Learn all about it! 

Career Planning for First Year Students, Career Planning for Mid to Final Year Students

Career planning is a continual process of personal development and transition. In these workshops facilitated by a UniSC Careers Adviser you will explore fundamental activities to include in your first year, mid and final years at university and create a career action plan.

Career Compass

This workshop aims to develop a sense of career ‘purpose’ for those who may be wondering - What am I doing at university? or What do I want to do in the future? In this workshop you will participate in individual and group reflective exercises, self-assessment and discussion about career direction in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Organic Networking

This workshop is designed for those who may be uncomfortable or unfamilar with professional networking and are looking for tips and techniques to build career knowledge and increase chances of future career opportunities.

Workshop Bookings

To book, log into Student Hub and go to Careers and Employability > Workshops and Events.

Recordings of workshops and copies of workshop slides are also available. In Student Hub go to  Careers and Employability > Resources.

Career Fairs and iEngage Events

UniSC provides a range of opportunities to connect you with employers in your industry. Learn directly from employers what they are looking for in applications, the types of opportunities they have available, and the pitfalls to avoid. Sometimes they even have jobs available for current students or students in their final year of study.

These events can run across the year, however many of the Career Fairs tend to be in Semester 1. The best strategy is to explore the list of events in Student Hub at the beginning of each semester to ensure you don't miss out.