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Application for Deferred Examination

Before submitting the form, read the below:
  • This application is to be used by students seeking a deferral of their final examination that is held during the centrally scheduled examination period.
  • This application must be supported by the required documentation.
  • If seeking a deferred examination on medical grounds, you must complete and submit a USC Medical Certificate (PDF 210KB) before or on the day of the examination. Non-specific statements such as the patient was experiencing a ‘medical condition’ will not be accepted.
  • This application must be lodged prior to your examination or within three (3) working days after the examination date.
  • If you complete your final examination but consider that your performance was affected by short-term illness or other exceptional circumstances outside your control, you should apply for a review of final grade based on special consideration once your final grade is released. Visit Assessment Procedures for more information.
Grounds that are not acceptable for applying for a deferral of an examination:
  • Holiday arrangements including international students returning home;
  • Misreading an examination timetable
  • Social and leisure events including sporting or cultural commitments not at State, National or International representative level

After reading and understanding the information to the left, complete this form to request a deferred examination:

Application form

Personal details
Course/s applying to defer exam
Course 1
Grounds for deferred examination
Supporting documentation

Students applying for deferral of an examination on medical grounds must have a medical practitioner complete the attached medical certificate, or provide an original surgeon’s report or hospital admission record. For confirmed COVID-19 cases, you can attach the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) - positive result email confirmation as supporting documentation.

Students applying for deferral of an examination on other grounds must provide original certified documentation. This would include:

  • Compassionate/personal trauma – e.g. death or serious illness of a close family member or friend. Victim of crime/accident. Supporting evidence must be provided. This may include a letter from a doctor, counsellor, funeral director, or police officer depending on the situation.
  • Cultural/sporting/Defence Force/jury duty. Supporting documentation formally confirming the dates of the activity and the student’s requirement to attend.
  • Religious obligation. Documentation to confirm the student’s recognised affiliation with the religious group.
  • Exceptional work commitments. Documentation from an employer to confirm the nature of the work commitment to be undertaken at the time of the examination and why it is unavoidable. Note that ordinary work commitments will not be accepted as a reason for a deferred examination.
  • Exceptional personal circumstances can include major traffic incidents, unexpected public transport issues or extreme weather events at the time of the exam. Supporting documentation should be sourced from websites including Translink, Dept of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police and/or news websites that outline the nature of the event and show the date and time of the event.
  • Clinical placement. Confirmation of location and dates of placement from relevant USC clinical placement office, or a screenshot of a placement roster including dates and shift times. If you are not rostered for placement on the day of your exam, you will be expected to attend the exam.
  • Internet/power outage - students who experience an internet or power outage that prevents them being able to commence their exam will need to provide evidence in the form of screenshots/photographs (including date and time) to show they were unable to access the exam electronically for the duration of the exam period. This may require a few screenshots/photographs to cover the time of the exam. Note: if you were able to commence your exam, but had internet/power outages during the exam, you will need to apply for a Review of Final Grade after grades have been released.

A maximum file size of 30MB will be accepted and exceeding this size may result in a delay of your application being processed.

Student declaration

By submitting this form, I declare that:

  • I accept that I must be available to sit any approved deferred examinations during the Deferred/Supplementary examination period specified at:
  • I have read the instructions and understand the policies and procedures that relate to this application.
  • I authorise staff from the University, where applicable, to obtain a confidential report from the Medical Practitioner giving the medical certificate.
  • I authorise the Medical Practitioner issuing the medical certificate where applicable, to provide a confidential report to staff from the University on request.
  • I understand that I will be notified of the outcome via email.
  • I certify by accepting this declaration that all the information I have supplied is true and correct. I acknowledge that disciplinary action may be taken if I knowingly supply false or misleading information.
Privacy statement

The University of the Sunshine Coast collects, stores and uses personal information only for the purposes of administering student and prospective student admissions, enrolment and education. The information collected is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except to meet government, legal or other regulatory authority requirements. For further information consult the University’s Information Management Framework - Governing Policy at