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Application for review of final grade

This form is to request a review of your end of the semester/session final grade. If you would like a review of an individual assessment task (including a final exam paper), visit How do I get an individual assessment task grade/mark reviewed?

Before submitting this form, please ensure:

View grounds that are not valid for a review of final grade
  • the specified learning outcomes of the course
  • the assessment methods approved for the course
  • the standard required to receive particular grades in the course
  • a study overload
  • personal and medical problems other than those permitted on the basis of special consideration
  • financial implications of not passing the course
  • final mark/grades received by other students in the course
  • final mark/grades received by the student in other courses
  • the amount of work the student has done
  • a penalty imposed on a student for academic misconduct or plagiarism in accordance with University guidelines
  • the need for additional marks to achieve a higher grade

If a review is granted, the result awarded from that review will stand as the final result for the work, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the result originally awarded. Thus a review may result in the assignment of a lower grade.

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Final grade to be reviewed (submit one form per course):
Supporting documentation and evidence

Your application will not be assessed without supporting documentation.

The review process may require that item/s of assessment are remarked by an appropriate independent assessor. You may be contacted to provide both the original marked item/s and a clean copy of the assessment item/s.

Upload supporting documentation and evidence

If you have more documentation to provide, please send to

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