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Business Internship

In today’s workplace, employers are looking for graduates with work experience who can quickly play a significant role and help the organisation achieve its objectives. Undertaking an internship component as part of your USC degree helps you prepare to meet these expectations.

The Business Internship course (BUS331 Business Internship) is an elective course on offer to students in their final year of studies in any of the undergraduate programs in the USC Business School. It provides an opportunity for students to obtain academic credit for a course at university at the same time as gaining valuable experience in the workplace prior to completing their studies and seeking employment in their chosen field.

During this course students work for 96 hours (unpaid) in an appropriate host organisation, undertaking duties that are related to the program in which they are enrolled. The 96 hours are generally worked as one day per week over 12 weeks of semester. In addition to the work undertaken in the host organisation, students submit assessment items detailing and reflecting upon their internship duties. Passing this course is contingent upon successful completion of both the 96 hours in the workplace and the assessment items as listed in the BUS331 Course Outline.

Application process

To apply to study BUS331 students need to submit an Expression of Interest form, during the semester prior to the semester in which they wish to study BUS331.


Due to the challenging circumstances facing all organisations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing restrictions, BUS331 will NOT be offered in Semester 2 this year.

The date when (or if) applications will open to study BUS331 in Semester 1, 2021 has not yet been decided. This will depend on how quickly the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled and our liaison with organisations as they resume normal business operations,in regard to their capacity to host and supervise an intern in Semester 1 next year.

Eligibility requirements

Please note that to be eligible to study BUS331 students need to meet the following criteria:

  • They must be enrolled in a program offered substantially (50% or more) by the USC Business School.
  • They must have completed at least two-thirds of the courses in their program (including at least 6 courses in their major, where applicable), by the commencement of the semester in which they want to undertake the internship.
  • They must have an available elective course in their program structure.
  • They must meet the GPA requirement of a Cumulative GPA of 4.5 or above, at the time they submit their application..

Enrolment into BUS331

Please note that a student’s enrolment into the BUS331 course will not take place until after a suitable placement has been confirmed and the Course Coordinator has signed off approving what is planned as the duties during the internship placement. Prior to that occurring, students who are hoping to be able to undertake BUS331 should enrol in a course that would be their chosen “back-up” course should a suitable internship placement not be confirmed.

Sourcing a suitable internship placement

Following confirmation of eligibility to do BUS331, students are able to choose from the the current business placement opportunities listed with USC or may choose to pursue securing an internship placement with another organisation that is of particular interest to them.

Examples of the type of opportunities generally available

 Discipline Key features
Event Management An opportunity for an individual to help deliver a major two day event.
Financial Planning Opportunity to work across various aspects of the financial planning process in a medium sized firm.
Human Resource Management Seeking an intern to assist in the review of the organisation's existing HR policies and to assist in various aspects of staff recruitment.
Marketing Opportunity for an intern to work various marketing projects, including new product development and coordination of social media content.
Marketing Looking for a student with an interest in sports to assist in the development of a marketing plan for a sporting club.
Marketing An opportunity to participate in the development and implementation of a marketing and social media plan for a newly established business.
Accounting Opportunity for an intern to work in the various divisions of a medium size accounting firm.
Tourism, Leisure and Event Management An intern is required to assist in scoping the development of a new business opportunity for an existing tourism business.
Marketing Looking for a marketing student who enjoys research to develop a market research project to identify marketing opportunities for a new product.