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Work integrated learning (WIL)

Whether it’s called an internship, practicum, placement, clinical placement, project, wider field experience, professional experience, professional practice or work experience, most USC degrees have opportunities for Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

WIL offers an opportunity to put theory into practice, develop personal and professional skills, establish job networks, and find out what it’s like to work in your area of study.

Students undertaking WIL have an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills employers look for in graduates.

Experience can be recorded on a resume, and can result in work that can be added to a professional portfolio.

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What you need to know before your placement

Online work integrated learning system

Online Work Integrated Learning System

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Dietetics student Abbey Sullivan in North West Qld
Dietetics student takes the roads less travelled
1 Jul 2021

A USC Dietetics student planning a series of work placements across regional Queensland in the next six months has won a $1,500 scholarship to help fund her journey of more than 2,000km.