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Engineering - Work Experience


Engineering work experience is undertaken by all engineering students (both civil and mechanical) and ensures that students gain appropriate work experience whilst completing their undergraduate program prior to entering the workforce as University of the Sunshine Coast graduates.

Note: Students do not enrol in a USC course to undertake engineering work experience, and there is no HECS fee associated with this activity.

About work experience

Before graduating, the University requires Bachelor of Engineering students to have at least 12 weeks (60 working days) of relevant practical work experience during their engineering program.

Work experience may be obtained via employment during vacations, or permanent or casual employment undertaken concurrently whilst studying during semester. Undertaking work experience whilst studying means that many students are working whilst completing their degrees.

Work experience does not have to involve payment but it must be relevant to the student’s undergraduate degree program and should be approved by the engineering work experience coordinator prior to the student submitting their work experience report.

Each student is responsible for arranging their engineering work experience. However, from time to time opportunities for engineering work, either paid or unpaid, will be posted on the Engineering at USC site and e-mailed to students, but students should be prepared to find their own work experience as the number of positions in engineering at USC may not be enough to provide for all students.

Benefits of work experience

  • Practical experience will complement the material presented within the student’s program and will expose the student to several different types of engineering work experience
  • Work experience may include generic areas such as human and industrial relations, job organisation, maintenance, safety and environmental activities
  • Work experience may include specific areas of engineering practice including activities such as planning, design, product development and manufacturing
  • Exposure to both generic and specific work experiences, as a member of an organisation’s general workforce, provides valuable preparation for a career as an engineer.

Outcomes of work experience

Students will produce an Engineering Work Experience Report throughout their work experience. The Engineering Work Experience Report will be assessed as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory (in which case students will receive feedback and are permitted to re-submit).

The requirements of the Engineering Work Experience Report are discussed in ENG101 Foundations of Engineeringand can also be viewed via the Work Experience * link in the Engineering at USC * site on Blackboard *

* Available to current enrolled students only

Remuneration and insurance

No remuneration or payment is made by the placement organisation to the students or to the University for hosting the student. Students undertaking an approved work place learning course are covered by the University’s insurance policies.


For all enquiries regarding engineering work experience please contact:

Dr Richard White
Senior Lecturer in Engineering, School of Science and Engineering

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