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Graduation awards and medals

Student awards

Graduating students are eligible for a number of awards to celebrate and recognise their significant contributions to UniSC. Awards are presented at graduation ceremonies when recipients are in attendance.

Community awards

High-achieving members of the community can be considered for honorary awards. The Honorary Awards Committee, chaired by the Chancellor, meets twice a year to assess nominations for honorary awards in accordance with the Honorary Awards – Governing Policy.

Emeritus Professor

An honorary award of Emeritus Professor of the University may be made to a person who has occupied the position of professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast and has rendered sustained and distinguished service to the University. Through leadership or personal performance, this service has added to the University’s reputation in one or more of these areas: research, scholarship, teaching, academic innovation, management or community service.

Doctor of the University

An honorary award of Doctor of the University may be made to a person in recognition of excellence and extraordinary achievement in a significant area of human endeavour.

Senior Fellow

An honorary award of Senior Fellow may be made to a person in recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to the development of the University or of the Sunshine Coast region.