Dana Larkin | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dana Larkin

Headstart student

Year 12, Siena Catholic College, Sippy Downs.

In Year 11, Dana completed COR109 and is now studying Italian C and tracking towards a High Distinction.

What attracted you to the Headstart program?

Well, I wasn’t sure what uni course I might do and I thought USC is close to home. If I did COR 109 (academic skills) it would be useful and I wouldn’t have to do it in first year.

What’s the best thing about Headstart?

You learn what it’s like to be at uni and pretty much going to uni – it’s fun.

I’m doing Italian C now and it’s challenging but very fun. I’m doing Italian at school and it’s helping me with that. In COR109, I got to learn how universities teach classes and I won’t be thrown in when I go next year.

How did you find coming on to campus to go to lectures?

At first, a bit daunting because I was in school uniform. I was only 15. People at uni were surprised at first but they were respectful after that.

I had my lectures after school between 6-8pm. I would stay at the uni after school and do my homework in the library and then go to lectures. It’s important not to procrastinate …don’t put off school work to do the other subjects you’re doing at uni. It’s about being organised. I was doing 6 OP subjects, Headstart, working and doing netball.

How do you feel about gaining credits towards a degree while still at school?

Well, I’m doing Italian C and am thinking I will go on to get a Diploma of Language. If I did one more semester at USC I could get the Diploma and I am thinking of doing that. I’m going to Italy at the end of the year.

What would you say to other high school students who might be looking at Headstart?

I would say to look at doing what YOU are interested in doing, or what school doesn’t offer. If you are interested in something and thinking about doing it for your university diploma or bachelor– it doesn’t hurt to know what you are in for.