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Kelsey Hyra

"Thanks to Headstart, I can start a combined Bachelor of Education (Secondary) / Bachelor of Science degree at UniSC with two subjects already completed."

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. As I went through school I always loved math and science. I was fascinated by how some things worked and the pattern of numbers. I have always enjoyed going to school, and I realised that my joy of coming to school came from teachers who made learning interesting and encouraged me think about things in a way I haven't thought about them before. You could tell they loved teaching. I wanted to be that teacher that makes students want to come to school and learn.

I chose UniSC's Headstart program because it offered the course I was interested in and is close to home. My first semester was nerve racking but exciting, and I am proud that I got a high distinction in my first Headstart course, while still in Year 11.

My favorite memory of my time at UniSC so far would have to be in my last tutorial. My tutor had us write statements or questions about anything to do with our course on a piece of paper. We scrunched the paper up and threw it across the room, then we picked up someone else’s paper to respond to their comment or question. There were some very funny things read out.

Headstart is a great opportunity to see if university is something you want to consider doing even if you are not sure. There are lots of different classes and my favourite thing about UniSC is how many helpful resources I have access to.

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