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Amy Barlow

Bachelor of Environmental Health Science, 2015 and now employed as a Health Officer in the Public Health Unit, Cairns.

A passion for science and shining a light on public health safety.

"At UniSC, it's so individual. Right from the get go my first lecturer was just amazing. He knew your name and three years later he still knows my name! It's like that with every lecturer. And, I just couldn't believe some of the lecturers who are here. Many are well known in their field and UniSC's got them.

We've learned a lot of the tools to apply to the work. We did six weeks of placement with both Council and Queensland Health. The degree taught us about where to find relevant legislation, how to apply it, how to problem solve, and just those foundational sciences as well.

I was given the opportunity to do the SRP (Special Research Project) which I used as an elective. It's just a really good chance to get out into the field and be actually doing something that is relevant. I did a research project testing pool and spa water quality at resorts on the Sunshine Coast.

A presentation I did on it at UniSC got distributed to all the public health units in Queensland. Then, two of us from USC were invited to present our research at a Queensland Health conference. We had an absolute ball, got to meet so many amazing people...and perfect time with graduating!

There are a massive diversity of job opportunities from this degree. What Qld Health covers is just constantly expanding. There's also many different clusters from workplaces, such as occupational safety and hygiene. Environmental health is definitely growing."

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