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Mason West

Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning

Planning Officer, Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), Nambour

It gives you good insights into concepts underpinning planning and some exposure to the legislation, policies and plans that you’ll use during practice.

The lecturers at USC helped open my eyes to a range of topics and assisted me to reach my goals. In the Library too, you would get help finding things, how to use services, and even tips on writing.

One of the compulsory fourth year courses involves a four-week working block in one of the three main streams of planning - State government, local government, or a private consultancy. Although not a paid block, this course allows you to apply what you have learnt at university and gives you practical experience within the profession.

The work in planning is quite diverse, as you can be working on a few different things at the same time. I provide advice on the suite of DNRM interests (protection of native vegetation, water allocation, State land management and mines) for development applications, Ministerial designations of land, and different types of strategic land use assessments. I am also involved in a number of business improvement projects within our Planning Services unit.

I have also enjoyed taking part in the Queensland Government’s Greater Graduate Program. I’ve met some really great people, most of whom are also fresh out of University, and it has definitely helped to make the transition into full-time work a lot easier.

Planning is quite a broad field with many different paths to choose. Definitely look at USC as an option. The benefit of the coast is the lifestyle, balanced with the nice atmosphere at USC.