Mitch Tilly | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Mitch Tilly

UniSC graduate Mitch Tilly originally thought he’d be an engineer. But after completing some courses through the Headstart program, he realised it wasn’t the career for him. Luckily, he soon discovered Urban Design and Town Planning.

“I came across Town Planning while browsing uni course guides. Upon further research, I discovered that it was the perfect match of design, maths, science and geography that I had been looking for! A career as a town planner allows you to work with a very wide range of interdisciplinary professionals, keeping each and every day new and exciting.

“The best part of my studies was definitely how hands-on the program was. With the assistance of my lecturers, I was able to complete additional work experience and internships on top of the mandatory course placements, which helped me land my first job in the last year of my degree. I also had the opportunity to spend a month participating in a design studio overseas, living in remote urban and rural slums of India and Nepal.

“During my final year I worked full time as a development planner with Sunshine Coast Council. This position saw me assessing development applications across the Sunshine Coast region against the planning scheme in order to protect the distinct identity and values of the Coast.

“In my current position as an Urban Designer within the Strategic Planning and Place Making department for Moreton Bay Regional Council, I now have a hand in shaping the region’s planning scheme and other policy documents from a design perspective. A typical day could see me out onsite identifying local values and evaluating built form outcomes, meeting with developers and other design professionals, drawing and sketching potential design outcomes, and working with other strategic planners within the department.

“The best part about a degree in Urban Design and Town Planning is the different career opportunities available to you. From working in development assessment to environmental planning, heritage management, urban design and so much more – you really can tailor a career as a town planner to your specific interests.”