Bioclimatic and Sociotechnical Cities Lab (BASC Lab) - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Bioclimatic and Sociotechnical Cities Lab (BASC Lab)

Enhancing public urban spaces through human centred design

The Bioclimatic and Sociotechnical Systems Lab (BASC Lab) enhances the design and performance of public urban spaces, with a focus on human centred design.

With a systems perspective that acknowledges the complexity of delivering sustainable urban environments, public space is designed to optimise urban climate and urban comfort.

The BASC Lab provides support for research and teaching and seeks to increase awareness and implement strategies for a climate-responsive, healthy, and resilient urban future.

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Our research

Research on Urban Climate, Urban Comfort, Urban Design and Town Planning uses a complexity lens and is explored through a systems approach.

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Teaching and learning

BASC Lab develops Urban Design and Town Planning teaching and learning in areas of Bioclimatic Urban Analysis to build graduate skills to assess urban environments and plan and design climate-resilient urban futures.

The BASC Lab

The lab is fully equipped to provide opportunities for experimentation and simulation of future urban scenarios to achieve optimum microclimate and environmental performance of public urban spaces.