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Research students

USC has many opportunities to provide you with knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable you to make your mark in your chosen career.

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Research at USC

At USC there are multiple pathways into a research program. To explore options visit Research students.

Honours programs

An Honours degree offers you the opportunity to continue your undergraduate degree studies in a topic of your interest and prepares students for enrolling in a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). For further information go to Honours applications.

Masters or Doctoral Research Programs

Whether enrolling in an honours, masters or doctoral program you will need a supervisor. We suggest you look at our members in the Centre for an appropriate person whom may align with your research interests. It is recommended that you send a copy of your resume, a summary of your work experience, and what you are interested in studying during your research program with USC. If you are unsure which academic to approach, email the Centre Director with a resume and a short statement for his advice on who may be able to support you in your research.

For further information visit HDR applicants.

Got questions?

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You can also contact:

For guidance on potential supervisors and topics.

For current HDR students please find information to support your program located at HDR Candidature and through Student Blackboard / Research and Research Training / Graduate Research Studies Management 

For HDR scholarship opportunities at USC across a range of disciplines and programs visit HDR scholarships for more guidance on funding sources.