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Research impact

We know the actions made today will have a huge effect on the world we live in tomorrow. Together, we’re answering some of today’s most pressing issues.

Healthy planet

Novel Resi-tool data processing to predict timber quality

Our research has developed algorithms to quickly return commercially useful information on wood quality.

Biosecurity research helping protect our resources

It’s imperative to reduce the ongoing risk as invasive species cost billions of dollars in lost productivity, lost trade, control measures and in environmental impacts.

Healthy people

New discovery to help predict mental health problems in adolescence

Using 'brain fingerprints' can be used to predict psychological distress.

Creating healthier food environments for healthier children in the Pacific Islands

UniSC researchers are working to address issues of malnutrition across the Pacific Islands, advocating for and developing potential for, school-based food education and provision.

Giving to research

Every dollar has a lasting impact when you support research at UniSC. Create change in an area that matters to you.

For a better tomorrow