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Strength and Conditioning Service

Located at UniSC Sunshine Coast, the Strength and Conditioning Service enable athletes access to the knowledge, expertise and support of sport and exercise scientists. This specialised service provides strength and conditioning services for elite, semi-elite, amateur, and developing athletes from various sporting disciplines.

Alex Welsh
Alex Welsh

UniSC Sport has made a really positive impact on my training, as well as exercises to help with everyday life in a wheelchair.

Nathan Maxwell

UniSC not only helps me become a stronger athlete, they listen and explain why and how to best achieve my goals, whilst remaining injury-free.

Patrick Swindles
Patrick Swindles

Since training at UniSC not only myself, but also some of my sponsors, have noticed how much my control and strength on the bike has improved.


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are for those who require a high level of assistance and support with their training and increased accountability. This service provides a personalised experience where your strength and conditioning coach is with you to correct technique, adjust training load and adapt the session on the spot should the need arise.

Group Sessions

Small group sessions are an excellent option for athletes who are adept at performing an exercise with proper technique and may not require constant attention but still find having a coach's presence beneficial. These sessions are a great way to train in a team-like environment whilst still getting our coaches' personalised programming, accountability, and support. With multiple packages available and morning and afternoon sessions, we can cater to your needs.

Periodisation and Programming

Athlete periodisation and programming is a service designed to cater for athletes that do not require face to face coaching support. This service includes three months of periodised strength and conditioning programming. While athletes are undertaking this service to train self-directed, they still get constant support from USC Sport. They can regularly meet with their strength and conditioning coach to discuss their programming.


Adam Robertshaw, UniSC Strength and Conditioning coach
Adam Robertshaw

Physical Performance Coach

Trent Hayden, UniSC Strength and Conditioning coach
Trent Hayden

Physical Performance Coach

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