Certificates of Merit - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Certificates of Merit

The tireless work behind the scenes of sports administrators, coaches and officials is recognised by Certificates of Merit.

Year Inductee Sport
2020 Lyndsay Halson AFL
2020 Ian Grant Surf Lifesaving 
2020 Helen Park Waterpolo
2019 Ian Grant Waterskiing and Soccer
2019 Daphne Bickle Softball
2018 Anne Steward Sunshine Coast Sports Hall of Fame
2018 Margaret Robertson Special Olympics
2018 Toby Coote Triathlon
2018 Kieran Kearney Rugby Union
2017 Tim Dwyer Associate Member
2017 Dale Officer Cricket
2017 Lola McDonald Netball
2017 Richard Johnston Rugby League
2016 Alison Quirke Athletics
2016 Chris Strid Netball
2016 Lorraine Buhk Surf Lifesaving
2015 Shirley Haig Cricket
2015 Michael Davis Cricket
2014 Cheryl Rodgers Soccer
2014 Kerry Emery Cricket
2014 Kerry Taylor Surf Lifesaving
2013 Beryl Page Basketball
2013 Lenore Grice Surf Lifesaving
2012 Del Parkyn Hockey
2012 Allan Rasmussen Outrigger
2011 Lin Corbett Netball
2010 Ashley Robinson Rugby League
2010 Bill Haselden Badminton
2009 Lorna Wright Vigoro
2009 Danny McGuire Rugby League
2008 Rhondda Poor Rugby League
2008 Pat Drew Cricket
2007 Ron Rankin Surf Lifesaving
2005 Jamie Moore Taekwon-do
2004 Hazel Larard Equestrian
2003 Claire Pitcher Soccer
2003 John Holmes Surf Lifesaving
2003 Bard Claffey Associate Member
2002 Brad Stokes Surf Lifesaving
2002 Peter Roberts Surf Lifesaving
2001 Mal Murphy Tennis
2001 Les Aberley Karate
2000 Robert Wallace Equestrian
1999 Norma Rudolf Swimming
1999 Fay Gibson Badminton
1999 Gavin Marschke Cricket/squash